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Sep 5, 2003
First Capstone Project Post

Friday, September 05, 2003

This is my first capstone project post so i guess i should tell you about myself and my project.  I am Chris Williams a senior studying Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, located in Troy, NY.  Most of my work here has involved animation and video work, guess it's always been a dream of mine to one day become a digital animator.  It's now my senior year here; at the end of my Junior year here i had to decide what i will be doing for my Thesis.  Surely I wanted to do an animation project but I had no idea what the animation would be.  Short on ideas i just wrote up the first idea that came to mind, a kind of video ambiance.  A scene with no particular story just a still shot of a small wooded enviornment where the creatures and plants were interacting.  Over i decided this might be fairly boring to watch so I decided that i would create an animation driven by a short story.  After brainstorming for a while, a story of a man who lost his love while on a walk through a dark woods.  It's cliche i suppose, but i'm more concerned with developing a solid style and mood more than i am interested in writing a breathtaking story.  Now that the semester has begun I've gained a more solid grasp on the story line, the shots and some charecters and scenes.  With this blog i'll be able to post information, writings, images, and samples of the animation and concepts so that hopefully I can recieve some feedback from the few people that might wonder to this site.  Thanks for stopping by, sorry about the ads, i'll put this up on a web server soon so they'll dissapear.

Posted at 10:45 am by seria1thri11er
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